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How to organize a small bathroom?

The bathroom is a space in which you relax, but at the same time it must be perfectly clean and natural. However, if it is small, the sensation of disorder becomes present, becoming a reality. For this reason, it is believed that it is much more difficult to maintain order in a small bathroom than in a large one and it is completely true, since, unfortunately, there are many space limitations, but the secret is to take advantage of the most remote places and execute ideas of so that it is functional and looks good. We present these tips that will make life a little easier and forget that your bathroom is small.

Group the objects

Only store what is essentially for the bathroom, such as towels, cleaning products, image accessories and personal care. Organize them in containers and thus you will have more order and space.

You can also organize it by person, that is, personal care items, for each bathroom user. This way you will take out your container with your things and they will not leave them in disarray in the bathroom.

Transparent bathroom door shower

Decide to make the change and install a bathroom door with transparent glass, this will give more space to your bathroom and create a feeling of greater light and modernity.


If you do not have space for bathroom furniture, install Shelves under the sink and above the WC, those spaces will help you maintain order. In the corners, too, it is an ideal place both inside the shower and outside. Even if space allows it, you can decorate to give it your touch.

These shelves can be installed both in MDF, melanin or glass.

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Direct the light to your mirrors

If your bathroom does not have adequate light, it is best to direct that light towards the mirror. It will increase the light in your space. Change to a moon (mirror), to a round one if you need more space for your shelves. Therefore it is much more essential that you direct the light towards the mirror. Another solution is to install LED strips behind the mirror to increase the light you need for day to day. Here we leave you an article related to the tipo de luz.

Thank you for reaching the end of the article and we hope it has been useful to improve your spaces.

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