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What is the Correct Height of the Frosted Engraving Glass?

The spaciousness of a bathroom is very important to feel more comfortable when using this space, the transparent bathroom glass helped a lot both the spaciousness and the brightness of the bathroom. Other times, our goal is decoration, where the frosted engraving on the bathroom glass is very important and gives life to our bathroom. In addition, to create a decoration that highlights the interior design, privacy is a fundamental issue for many spaces. Before continuing a brief summary of What is a decoration with frosted engraving? It is done with a technique called Sandblast --- "Sand blast means" sand under pressure "and refers to a technique that consists of cleaning or polishing a solid surface by expelling a granulated abrasive by compressed air that is extracted of a team for this purpose "

cancel de baño corredizo 2 hojas con grabado esmerilado
Cancel CA160 Corredizo Cristal templado de 6 mm

So a frosted glass is then: An opaque glass that is achieved by polishing or tarnishing the clear glass, with emery (glass sand) or another substance. Its effect is a translucent glass, but it does not allow images or objects to be seen clearly. Now our topic of this article: Have you ever wondered what is the correct space or height for frosted engraving? The answer is very relative but we give some suggestions so that you can determine the balance between covering the entire bathroom and leaving some light spans. These images can guide you to make a better decision regarding height:

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